Concussion Managment

IAE Sport Psych, LLC provides independent testing, analysis and treatment of athletes who suffer a traumatic brain injury, the most common of which is a concussion. Potential long term physical or cognitive symptoms will arise without proper diagnosis and care of the initial traumatic brain injury. Although effects are usually temporary, we must recognize that these brain injuries alter the way the brain functions…both short and long term.

IAE Sport Psych, LLC uses clinically designed neuropsychology protocols that include:

Emotional Health

Unlike traditional Sports Psychology, IAE Sports Psych LLC also offers treatment for behavioral health issues that are negatively impacting an athlete’s performance. Like everyone else, athletes can struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, family issues, eating disorders, transitioning or poor social skills. Assessments, testing, counseling and medication management are available if needed.


IAE Sport Psych

Sport Psychology involves the study of how psychological factors affect athletic performance.

IAE Sport Psych, LLC provides athletes at all levels with instruction and training in the psychological skills for performance enhancement.

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