IAE Partners

Acceleration Sports Performance

Build your legacy with Acceleration Sports Performance! Acceleration uses an individualized scientifically proven program to get athletes of all ages and sports RESULTS.  Our trainers have over 50 years of sports training experience and have been featured on over 10 major TV networks.  Our facility features over $350,000 of sports specialized training equipment and our programs have helped over 600 youth athletes receive Division 1 athletic scholarships.  Visit www.accelerationpro.com to set up your first trial training session.


Players U

A unique sports training campus that combines state of the art equipment with a cutting edge training experience, launching our athletes to their highest level. Visit www.playersu.com


RDKATE Sports Nutrition

RDKate Sports Nutrition helps ordinary athletes become extraordinary competitors by using whole food-based nutrition to improve performance. Advice is individualized based on sport, position, level, season, lifestyle and goals. More information: www.RDKate.com.